Quake - Walk into it

Back from break

Gengu slice pizza

randoms are better

Quake E1M1 - 25s

What are you doing enemy team

Quake E1M1 - Progress

Quake E1M1 - First 26s

I can stand on you

Knife mid okay?

First sub1:30 40 lines

Some arrows from Hanzo


Heads x3

Tap Tap Tap

Boom, wallbanged

Sheriff all the way

How to take over

No bullets

Four fast

Through the smoke and teleport

MW2 - Wallbang skidrow

Quake - Reaction with rail

CS:GO - Nuke ace

Quake - Should want mega

Mario - I made it

Quake - Rocket in the air

Quake - Do not run into rockets

Quake - I know the way

Quake - More weapons to use

Quake - Rocket jump and kill

Quake - Rail rail rail

Team Fortress 2 - Demoman falling down

Quake - Gauntlet

Quake - What a overtime

Quake - What a way to play

Click click click

Quake Live - Aerowalk is best

Quake - Timing on heavy

Quake - Timing on mega

2 minutes of dominating

Kill and teleport

Mirage T-side take round

Vi är korkade

Boop the ball

I only know how to use rockets

Promod - Got the round

Rocket League - Backflip

Down with Five-Seven

AWP and Deagle downing

115 out

Trigger disciplin

If I jump I see you

Spray spray spray, shot

I am a hacker?

3 fast kills to win

I did not jump

1vs5 Sheriff, almost

Warzone - Sniped down but right back at you

Warzone - Double sniped

Warzone win - Solo - 11kills

1VS3 didn't work but played well

Nice play

Deagle - Used like this?

I can make it

Learn to play

Won Failed Pheonix

Won not premade

Ana nade

Halo - I hit second shot

Apex - Long shot

Aim training

No you!

Banelings Kaboom!

Valorant golden weapon ace

Click click

9hp you say?

No you together

Lateks knows how to flash

Octane 1vs3

Spraydown to save the game

Marijn is falling

Portal wins fight even as Bloodhound


I can't hit but can punch

Didnt win that huh?